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Kyoto Progress Report # 2

February 20, 2005

As mentioned am making this http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/PATTkyoto.html in khaki green, pale pink and cream (stripes) from lincraft cosy wool. It is my first project from a pattern!

Finished Front Left & Right, Upper Back. All pieces have been blocked and top shoulder seams done this arvo. I haven't woven in any ends yet though and it occurs I probably should have done these prior to blocking.

In the back section I have three sets of ends where I've changed balls mid row instead of at the ends. I am not too good at changing balls yet and for some reason feel more comfortable doing it mid row. That accouns for one of them - the other two were were faults in the cosy wool crept up on me and tore apart just as I was about to wrap it around my needle.

Just started a sleeve, going to make these cropped 3/4 type sleeves in keeping with the cropped theme. I had started two rows of the sash in a very slow attempt at the double seed stitch, I am getting rid of this and will work the sash by picking up stitches once the sleeves are done and sewn in. I will probably need to make the sash considerably longer than specified after seeing how short everything else has come in so will have to pick up another ball or two of the pink cosy wool I'll be using. After the sash comes collar and finish, but I figure the absolute best case for the two sleeves is two weeks and best case for the sash is probably another two weeks, so all that's a while away.

This was my first time seaming and trying to follow instructions for a neat backstitch. I achieved the backstitch if not a neat or even one, so that's better than nothing!

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Chunky red mini scarf

February 09, 2005

will add text soon I promise. Need to reattach button.

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Chunky Wrap with beautiful yarn

more text to come, looks nothing like the photo, hopefully I can do a better one soon! WIP on chunky needles providing a nice break from kyoto every now and then

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First knitted bag, no pattern, just messing around

text to come I promise.

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5 minute Bead/Wrap/Poncho thingie

Will provide content soon! The colours in these photos are waaaay off.

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Flanelette for PJs

5 metres of the dots purchased @ 30 percent off

and 5 metres of the hearts at 50% off

Base price is $4 a metre so any way you look at it this was a bargain!

Made one pair of pj pants so far, more planned in these fabrics.

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Quilts for Xmas

My first sewing projects since sewing class in high school! Decided to get a sewing machine for birthday and make the kids back in Perth quilts for xmas (where I get these crazed ideas, I have no idea)..

Happiest with the second one though for a totally virgin effort the first one is Ok too.

I will write more about these projects, I really will. I just haven't yet.

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Cute handbag Family Circle Mag Pattern

Have made quite a few bags from this pattern out of a family circle mag so far.. I expect there will be more to come in the future as well! It's a great pattern! was my first experience with interfacing.

the first, red with cream lace detail

Love this fabric.. an upholstery remnant, and the lining a remnant as well. would definitely get more of both if I could! Used more of the upholstery remnant on anti bag. This one was gifted away.

Love this fabric too. Again a remnant, and picked up more again as a remnant. Wouldn't pay full price of $13 a metre for it unless I had something really good in mind! This one was gifted away. Same lining as above.

Happy Cat fabric bought from ebay for $3.50 a metre

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The Anti Bag

This was just a quick project to make a big satchel to holding knitting etc.. Having picked up a huge haul of fabric from lincraft @ 50% off I was keen to get some projects going but short on time (knitting kyoto as well).. And so was born the anti bag.

No lining, no measurements, all hastily zigzagged up and on most pieces not even hemmed, this was a quickie and total opposite of most other projects so far - hence calling it the Anti-Bag.

And the pocket inside

However I have since found that there's a reason all that extra effort goes in and need to resew up a few spots - firstly in the straps, secondly where i've sewn on pockets. V Cute though!

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Kyoto progress report

Well as we all know I decided to give Kyoto this a shot. Having only just learnt to purl and not done any other projects using it, nor knitted anything on needles smaller than metric 7.5, this big project on metric 4s (3.75 in pattern but i'm using 4s and my guage is ok) is bound to be a challenge.

Progress so far, have completed front left piece and about a third of the way into back (on needles). Colour of this photo is awful, it's actually a khaki green and a pale pink with cream for the stripes.

I have started the double seed stitch sash.. see the pink yarn on needles there Progress is incredibly slow in that department! v v slow..

Also, I am doing this on cosy wool because it was really cheap with lincraft 30% off and I didn't want to spend $120 to get the recommended cotton or $65 to get cotton from ozeyarns. I have since learnt I could get bendigo cotton for probably same price as the cosy wool, and that the cosy wool is a bit crap unless you want to felt!

They blinded me with all these great new colours they had. But - I can always do another one in bendigo cotton!

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