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Stella has her groove back (when was it ever gone?)

April 29, 2005

Some photos belonging to my friend Stella!

Bobble Bag Action (From 25 bags to knit I believe)

Mini jumpers! From weekend knitting. Like my own, more humble, in the archives!

Sari silk (dreaded, wilful, and hand cutting) scarf in progress (is now finished!)

Lovely scarf on Stella's sister

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Ideas for new project








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Links to Knitted Toy Sites

April 28, 2005


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Mother In Law Leggings

April 26, 2005

Sylvia made these great leggings from last minute knitted gifts.. I want them now!


I was always planning to make some but thinking I'd do black. Now I see how cute these are I'm thinking how great they'd look around some little shoes over some black tights so might make them in a lighter/brighter colour! Go Sylvia. She has a french market bag in her future, I hear..

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The coolest gift from your kitchen

April 21, 2005


how cool is this - recipes to make "cookie mixes in a jar" to give as gifts. Awesome!

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anzac recipe

for my reference as much as anyone's, this was the recipe I used.

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup plain flour (ie no raising agents)
1 cup sugar (white or half white, half brown)
3/4 cup dessicated coconut
4 oz / 125g butter
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 tablespoon boiling water

sift flour and mix with sugar, oats and coconut.
Melt butter and golden syrup together in saucepan. when well combined, stir bicarb into boiling water, then add to butter mix.
Add everything to dry ingredients, mix well.

For 1 tablespoon sized cookies (Recipe makes 12) bake for 20 mins at 140 degrees fan forced, 160 degrees not fan forced.

Cool for five minutes on baking tray before moving to cooling rack.


Bake a tiny bit less (and I would venture, add a little more water, say two teaspoons) if you want them soft, a teeny bit more if you want them crispy. In fact I'd add the extra water no matter what - these stayed kind of round as there was not enough liquid to hold the mixture together if squished flat..

And you could add stuff too!

(added later)
Made these a few days later with a little extra water and half white/half brown as opposed to all white the first time. They came out TOTALLY different, so I must have done something else differently the first time - SR flour instead of plain perhaps?

Michael liked the first batch best, I thought the last batch were the best. Made a batch using a different recipe in between, main difference was more oats, they were good but the worst of the three lots! Nonetheless they were all super good and loved by those who munched on em, so this is a keeper of a recipe!

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It's been a while.

April 20, 2005

So I'm not so good at this whole blogging thing! But today I am going to totally blog! I've just taken a bunch of photos and stuff and I am going to put them up.

Things to show off
- my new overlocker
- clapotis number two started
- new jean greenhowe knitted toy books
- new bendi shade card and leftover clapotis yarn
- finished french market bag, and pictures in progress
- Local lincraft closing down, stock totally gutted but was able to pick up a couple of bargains at 75% off today

and since I was taking photos, some cooking I'd just done! and some tops I'd just bought! All to be found in the extended entry so click-ez-vouz!

French Market Bag

french market bag from knitty. Modified the pattern significantly using 8mm instead of 4.5 or something like that specified in pattern. Shrunk the pattern down 4/5 in terms of stitches, but with much bigger needles it's come out much bigger of course. I used two strands of cosy wool held together, colours from stash (leftover from the cancelled kyoto!). It probably used eight ish balls all up.

All was going incredibly well and it had only taken less than a week when I got to the handles I wasn't paying attention, miscounted significantly (so I think I counted correctly then subtracted 20!) and everything went horribly wrong. So I ended up just casting off everything I could where I could (I won't explain the detail but it left me with millions of ends to weave in later).
I ended up just sewing a simple handle of my own design and making a knitting basket.

As my first felting experiment using yarn from stash, I'm happy enough. Considering Bendy rustic in one colour (probably red) and a considerably different shape for the next one, and I'll be doing it very soon me thinks. On the felting note, it was as simple as it sounds. Put in lingerie bag. Put in washing machine with a towel. Wash, and check every 10 minutes! I ended up having it in about 30 minutes. Next time, I'll err on the side of shrinking too much as it does stretch a bit when you are stuffing to the shape you want.

Stuffing it was probably the hardest bit - would be much easier if you had something the right shape to just let it dry on. I didn't, so I put clothing in lots of plastic bags and used them all to stuff it. It took two days ish to dry, longer than I expected..

anyway here's some photos.. starting, pre felting, and finished!




New overlocker!

I uhmed and ahhed after this for a long time and then finally bought it. $399 reduced from $599 in the janome sale. Haven't used it much yet though I have wanted to but been very busy. I am sure there will be lots to come v soon. Threading it was an extremely arduous task.

Clapotis # 2 started on Sunday

Not much to say yet. The yarn arrived from brooks farm last week (actually i think it was the week before). The colourway is beautiful, mostly browns and pinks (does not look at all like this picture) and it is very soft. I was not planning on getting started immediately, but with FMB off the needles so quickly and me yet to decide on yarn for the next, it's started! I am wearing clapotis # 1 practically every day at the moment and love it more every day.



This afternoon I cooked, and since I had the camera out.. I made Nikki's Zuchini slice (rechristened bacon quiche) .. I made 4/5 of the standard recipe as I only had 4 eggs, and it all fitted perfectly in my blue flan dish I bought during a xmas visit to Perth a few years ago, when I wanted to make a lime tart.

That was for our tea with a nice big greek salad, and I also made a big lasagne for tomorrow nights dinner. And, some anzac cookies. I looked on the web and found heaps of very similar recipes, will add a link to the one I used a bit later. I just made one batch as a test - will probably make a double or triple batch this weekend [anzac day!] to send in to my and michael's work. After we munched on a few and I gladwrapped some for Elizabeth our cleaner who is in today, M took the rest to work.



Jean Greenhowe Knitted Toy Books

I ordered these from the shearing shed in Canberra. I really wanted them! Will have more to say about them once I get onto a pattern or two.



Lincraft haul at 75% off

So they are closing down my local lincraft. They finally put some stuff on sale but that was after getting rid of all the yarn and fabric (must have found a buyer to take the whole lot) they had hardly anything left. But, today I did find the following for less than $15 all up! dpns in 5 and 6.5mm, a sewing book I had coveted but wasn't willing to pay $40 for, and some google eyes to use for my knitted toys in the future.


More Shopping

I also bought some generic wash and wear tops from suzanne gray and two new belts from army surplus. Yay!


New shade card from Bendi, leftover yarn from clapotis # 1

Was very exciting to receive this new shade card from bendigo wollen mills. I love bendi, that's where my alpaca was for clapotis # 1. This is how much yarn I had left over from two balls - quite a lot. I think I will make a matching hat. Just a plain one - not the clapotis hat over at that blog I can't think of right now..


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mini sweater

April 06, 2005

from weekend knitting..


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Clapotis finished!

Knitted in two skeins of bendigo mills black alpaca. Took about a month, probably about 100 hours! I'm slowish though. Was a pleasure to knit though gave me lots of anxiety starting it. Will get some action shots taken on the weekend. The next few days are going to be hot and alpaca is super warm but I am going to wear it anyway!

I have ordered some silk/wool blend four play to make another one, from these folks Brooks Farm in a lovely pink/red/brown blend that isn't on the site anymore. I think it was called picante. Won't start it for a while though.





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