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Brunswick Stash Enhancement Excursion

May 26, 2005

Update: Added in the rest of the detail, and moved it all to the extended entry, cos it was such a long and picture intensive post.

Emporio fabrics closed down on the weekend and they were open today because a wholesaler was coming in to bid for what was left this arvo.

I happened to be in the area, for the first time, to go to spotlight.

I got all of this stuff at prices around 80 - 90% off. I spent $36 including 1 metre of silk, 1 of linen, 2 lots of 2 x 1.5m striped fabrics perfect for backing quilts, 2 lots of 2 x 1.5m brushed cotton check/ginghams fabrics perfect for quilts, and some other stuff besides.



Then I went to spotlight where I spent another $60 and a bit, here are some pics.





10 fat quarters in a pack for $8 - neutrals, browns, yellows. Some bits and bobs of fabric for use in quilting - two aged looking black and whites (the flowers and the stripes), bargains at only $2 a metre, and then some other stuff mainly for patchworks or bags - dots, cherries, stars, flowers.

Two wonderful patterns which speak for themselves, even if it takes me a while to get to them - maybe not till next winter for the jacket

And... a thimble, a pom pom maker, some white embroidery cotton, some charcoal and beige thread, some red bias binding (don't know how to bind things at all and want to learn and experiment), a new little rule thing that I can carry in my pencil case, some white velcro cause I keep misplacing all the white velcro I have, and a whizz bang disappearing pen for quilting etc.

Still want: pinking shears.

I have been spending so much on craft lately - luckily the craft fund has had a few topups from gifts I've made. When i make a gift with supplies I've purchased from my craft fund, I purchase it from craft fund with money from gift fund! Some may call this anal, but it works for me :)

I did a huge grocery shop after all this too, and then taxi'd it all home. I am quite exhausted!

Posted by lee_taylor at May 26, 2005 01:04 PM