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Clapotis # 2

May 15, 2005

I subscribe to the yahoo groups clapotis knitalong on daily digest. Right as I was coming to the end of the first clapotis, a rave review of brooks farm yarn was posted. They have a product called four play which is half wool half silk, so similar in composition to the yarn recommended for clapotis, Lorna's Laces.

Actually now that I think of it, it was recommended JK by who had already made two at the time from brooks farm.

I ordered 3 skeins of picante. After currency conversion and shipping it came to $80 Australian, a significant investment but quite economical in comparison to the alternatives.

The yarn arrived in less than a week which was astonishing (they are in texas in the US) - I hadn't planned to get onto another one so soon but when the yarn arrived and was so lovely, I couldn't wait long.

Three and a bit weeks since I started, here she is.


Click for more photos

Knitted on 6mm, she has come out quite large.


There was hardly any enough yarn left. I did the standard amount of increases and repeats as per the patterns and could barely knit a finger puppet out of what remains.


At this stage I won't block her and will keep her nice and scrunchy.


My first clapotis in black alpaca needed to be blocked and stretched considerably to be long enough to wear around me, that was knitted on 5mm. Not sure which I like most yet, but I definitely love them both.

Posted by lee_taylor at May 15, 2005 12:33 PM