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May 03, 2005

I have overwhelming desires to buy more yarn, and some confusion over what to do next.

Immediately on the agenda is finishing clapotis # 2 which is currently on the needles, and french market bag # 2 (new and vastly improved) which is extremely fresh on the needles and I will likely not do more on until clapotis is done. All in all, It's likely that I will knit like a demon and have both of those completed by the time my four days annual leave starts on Tuesday May 17, by which time my craft fund will have had a small cash injection of $100. Bringing the balance to about $100.

Now I definitely want a big, beautiful, lacy, mohair wrap/scarf/or stole. I did think it was birch I was after after seeing Anne's, but perhaps I could start with the more realistic suggestion of the airy scarf from last minute knitted gifts but doing it in a 2 x width 2 x length type arrangement. Lots of more experienced knitters do seem to have a little headache from Birch and that is probably not the kind of stress I need right now when I am already overloaded with other stresses and millions of things I want to make! The airy scarf pattern makes 2 from each ball of kidsilk haze so I could buy 2 balls from the wonderful ebay seller 4 to 4 for $19 US including free shipping.

Have just seen a great scarf in a gift store that had eyelet holes running up it and a hand dyed yarn was fed through.. so vertical stripes, but in blotches, and varying colours. Terrible description but I'll know what I mean later on.

I've just been out at this store rather than finishing my post so I'll just drop down some notes for what I was trying to work out to finish later!

Have heaps of black mohair blend to do something with, maybe U neck vest, maybe some type of wrap top.. Definitely want to make some hats.. Have a 200g ball of alpaca in charcoal and blue/purple that I need to use and half a ball of black left. Wish to make a third clapotis in some cream acrylic I already have..

Also interested in getting some cascade 220 on sale for felting etc from webs.com plus supplies for fairly easy fair aisle.

Was also thinking about getting some felted tweed! Crazed. Perhaps just one ball for a hat. Will finish this post later! I haven't even touched on what stash I already have and what other things I want to do..

Then there's kyoto which I have almost half finished but have lost interest in, I'd love to do some kind of winter jacket [maybe the one from vogue knitting winter knitted on 12.75mm needles], more scarves and thingos, a great lacy wrap that I have the link for at home, legwarmers, definitely legwarmers actually, Toys and ornaments, want to do lots of those!!..

Posted by lee_taylor at May 3, 2005 12:49 PM