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Cool Target Sox

May 06, 2005

I bought these today at target, aren't they great?? If I didn't have so many things I wanted to knit, I would have taken away the idea and knitted some myself, but intsead I took a quick fix. Also bought two scarves and a huge wrap type scarf (even bigger than clapotis, by quite a lot actually).. These ones have great little rubber balls on the bottom to make them non slip, too.


I'm just loving buttons at the moment. Hopefully I will take some time away from finishing clapotis # 2 to make the button necklace I have been dreaming about lately! I have purchased the supplies but progress stalled when my shirring elastic I was going to string them on would not go through the eye of the needle I had on hand.. All I had to do was go upstairs, but I didn't.. Anyway now I have a set of larger eye needles after getting some basic embroidery supplies to make mr kitty, so even if the ones I did have upstairs turn out not to be big enough, I'll be sorted. I just have to get to it!

Posted by lee_taylor at May 6, 2005 03:34 PM