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Money, Money, Money (Problems)

May 30, 2005

Have just done a big amazon order including loop d loop, get crafty, stitch it book/kit, new best recipe, plus two fiction and a trading book. And then I got three japanese craft books. After that it is cold turkey cos I've got more yarn on the way, for simply marilyn and a surprise gift, and my craft fund is already in $100 deficit (will get back to square next payday, then have another month to wait before it's got $100 in it). But M and I have talked about setting me up a book fund moving forward, and for these books I'm sacrificing two months of clothes and shoes fund - I'm stocked for winter anyway.. So if you see me blog about buying ANYTHING crafty or clothesy in the next two months, be VERY disappointed! I will be the woman of iron will. PS - Later I'll put in details of all the books I've ordered! yay.

By the way, I am not sure if I'm actually going to LIKE anything from loop d loop - but I have seen this hybrid of two different pattersn on crafster and I love it.

Posted by lee_taylor at May 30, 2005 02:00 PM