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New stuff, relish to make, and soup

May 29, 2005

On Friday I went to supply and demand in the city and for around $15 bought a huge maxwell williams white salad bowl, a small 250ml glass carafe, and six relish/storage jars. What a bargain. Here are the jars, they have got me thinking it's time to have another crack at relish or chutney, esp now I have my great new large stockpot (which I didn't blog about but should have - it was $35 from a junk store in footscray and is the best stock pot ever). In fact they are so cute, handy, lovely, and retro looking, with the six pack only abotu $2.60 I think I'll go back and pick up a few more. Especially as home made chutney and relish makes such a great gift (once I get the recipe right). On that note if anyone has any never fail excellent recipes please send them my way!


Here is the bowl, housing about 8 serves of last winter's big hit, my part italian part mexican spicy low fat skinless sausage, veg, and a bit of everything soup stew. I will put the recipe up this week, it's one of those that are subject to many modifications and is quite different each time I make it, but the basic threads holding it together guarantee that it is always fabulous (which makes for a truly easy, successful dish). It isn't quick though - you can't have everything.


I'ts also generally not that pretty, though when you serve it with some parmesan or mozarrella on top, that helps, and a sprinkle of fresh parsley would top it off nicely in that regard also. Luckily the smell is insanely seductive so anybody you're serving it too is going to be in an extremely positive frame of mind before they see it.

And it's cheap. I make it and freeze it so Michael and I can take it into work for lunches.

After making the soup I felt keen for some bikkies!

Posted by lee_taylor at May 29, 2005 12:40 PM