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Sunday Night Surfing

May 15, 2005

Really nice colours with kool aid dying might like to do this one day. Remember scoffing when Lucy at work suggested it only a month or two ago.

Actually, that's all I have. I have surfed and surfed and surfed but that's all I want to keep.

oh, except maybe..

March is nearly over. I still want to do an order from yarn.com. I figured out how much the fairly easy fair isle cardi would cost today and it's a little more than I thought, do I really want it enough? But Stella wants some stuff from here and I'd really like to try the cascade 220 at $4.70 US per 100g ball, but what for? In my Erika Knight book there's a beautiful rug that would take me a couple of months to knit and I'd need 4 balls of 4 colours, so it wouldn't be cheap either, and I could probably do it in bendi mills instead, and do I really want to do it soon?? and how much is shipping? Oh it's all terribly difficult, bed seems like a good idea.

And I know the worsted merino is still out of stock and I don't need it for clapotis now I've made the brooks farm one but I still am in love with everything at handpaintedyarn and when will i do an order from them? and for what?

Oh, I wish I could post pics in progress of the knitting I've been doing this weekend, and comments on what is good and what was hard and what's been confusing, but it is earmarked as a potential gift, though I'm not quite sure for reasons I'd elaborate on if I could.. so, radio silence on what I've been knitting. for now.

Posted by lee_taylor at May 15, 2005 10:19 PM