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Things I must cook soon!

May 08, 2005

Just realised I can edit entries - so would make sense to keep long list of things I want to make, rather than post and post and post!

Sweet Stuff!
Mars bar slice for everyone at work
(Update: made this May 15. 3 60g mars bars microwaved with 75g butter and 1 tablespoon golden syrup till soft and stirred through, add three cups rice bubbles, press firmly into slice tin and add melted chocolate on top, refridgerate until firm). Was good but not great - would prefer to eat the mars bar on its own myself. Would consider skipping the golden syrup next time and was hard to get a thin enough layer of chocolate on top - check other recipes, I think some might use copha. Also, from tasting it I was thinking that adding some salt to it would really do the trick - just a pinch or two

Nikki's Symply Delicious 4 Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

Posted by lee_taylor at May 8, 2005 02:47 PM