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Yum Yum Chicken

May 24, 2005

yum yum chicken
filling for sandwiches, french stick, jaffles, wraps.. or use as a topping for fingerfood etc..


* Chicken breast

* Optional for marinade: nandos sweet chilli and lime sauce, lemon juice, olive oil.. could also use some garlic, other sauces like teriyaki would be delicious, etc.. Any flavour you like will go with mayo ultimately!

* Real egg mayo (I use Praise reduced fat whole egg mayo, 5g fat per 20g instead of about 20g per 20g and still tastes like real whole egg mayo)

* fresh diced herbs if possible. I used coriander for that nice crisp asiany taste.


Dice uncooked chicken breast into pieces, roughly 1.5cm x 3cm is the kinda size you are after.

marinade if desired! even just five minutes will do as the pieces are nice and small.

Pan fry quickly in a hot pan, lightly oiled, in small batches (eg 200g at a time). As long as it is in a thin layer it should only take two minutes on each side.. It may even still be slightly pink in the center of each piece, it will finish cooking while it rests.. this is how it stays tender. Make sure you let the pan reheat up between each batch, I actually rinse the pan in between each run so the marinade from the previous batch isn't still kicking around and burning.

Put all the cooked chicken onto a plate or chopping board and just leave to rest for at least ten minutes.. this will keep the juices in and it will stay tender..

Once it is cooled get your knife and chop the heck out of it.. teensy tiny pieces!

now stir in your mayo and fresh herbs.. be generous with the mayo and the whole mixture will go a long way.

Optional extra: pop some dried onion in a jar or herb and garlic salt in a jar in with the oil when you heat up the pan for a little extra flavour (or of cousre you could just stir in with marinade).

Posted by lee_taylor at May 24, 2005 01:22 PM