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Spinach Gnudi with Tomato Vodka Sauce

July 29, 2005

I just found this great looking recipe, Spinach Gnudi with Tomato Vodka Sauce

Apart from looking extremely yum, it makes me remember that I had a chicken linguine in tomato vodka sauce when we last visited Perth and went out for a celebratory dinner with D and A, and it was really really outstanding.. So I must try this.

It looks like a great site too so I intend to investigate further!

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Nasi Goreng

I just posted the chinese brocoli in oyster sauce recipe that I made earlier in the week, and wanted to mention that I served it on top of nasi goreng and the flavours really complimented each other beautifully. But then I remembered I hadn't posted my nasi recipe...

Something of a convience meal, I make this very regularly, usually for lunches. It freezes and reheats really well and is just delicious.

First you need the flavour sachet I use - it's called Indofoods Nasi Goreng and costs about $1 from the asian section of most supermarkets (I've bought it from safeway and coles so it's readily available)

Here are some notes I passed on to a friend that will give you the gist - but basically you use the flavour sachet, some precooked rice, and whatever veg and meat you like. Click for more info!


I cook about 4 cups cooked basmati rice per seasoning sachet I use. Sometimes I make two sachets worth in my huge wok (that makes about 7 generously sized lunches for michael)..

So you cook the rice, but don't use it till the day after (or, I freeze cooked rice, and then defrost it when I need it).

You can put anything you like in and in fact i've even used it as a noodle sauce with hokkien and thin rice noodles. It is really strong and gross smelling when you just put the paste in, you only get the good flavour once it's "diluted" by the rice or noodles.

But this is how I do it

pan fry a little oil, diced onions and green capsicum for a couple of minutes.. Add heaps of chopped mushrooms..

Add sliced chicken breast and pan fry for another couple of minutes (don't let chicken cook through though or it will be dry at the end)*

I sometimes add and egg or two at this stage and swoosh it around a bit.

Add the paste, it will come out solid so let it heat up and stir around.

then add your rice or noodles and stir it all in. give it another minute or two to fry, and voila!

* Sometimes instead of cooking the chicken at this stage, I'll precook it. Simmering it in chicken stock with sherry and soy sauce added for just a short time until only just cooked, then letting it rest, works particularly well and makes it easy to shred and then add to the pot just before adding the paste.

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Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

I have only made this once, earlier this week. But it was really good and will be made again many many times I'm sure.

Here is the recipe, you could subsitute any asian green and the sauce would probably go nicely with other vegetables, too. And, now that I mention that - It'd be a lovely stir fry sauce with chicken or beef and vegetables, and or noodles and rice.

And here is the recipe paraphrased for my own quick reference (and with my modification of adding cornflour)

Oyster Sauce
Add 2 tablespoons heated chicken stock to 1 teaspoon of cornflour and stir vigorously with a fork to combine. Add to this 1 tablespoon of sherry, 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, half a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of sesame oil.

Bring the mix to a boil and let simmer until it reaches desired thickness, stirring frequently (probably about five minutes)

Prepare your veg
for chinese broccoli: plunge into boiling water to which you've added some salt and a dash of oil, bring back to the boil (if necessary) then leave with lid on and heat off for two minutes, and strain.
(Other vegetables you might like to steam, boil, or stir fry)

Add the veg to the pain with thickened sauce or if you prefer, serve the veg on a plate and pour the sauce over the top.

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More Scarf Swap Stuff

July 27, 2005

Well it's been a very quiet day here at work, so at lunch I was able to do some research on the magic ball idea over at craftster and also read some harry potter, which I picked up yesterday.

Whereas the tube was previously the front runner, I'm now thinking that a diagonal knit magic ball garter stitch scarf is probably the best approach for my lovely recipient.

And, will be reasonably simple - the art will be in forming the magic ball! I will pick out a bunch of yarns that I have small quantities of (or not) and cut bits off randomly and then tie them together. A bit here, a bit there.. Whether to knit with two strands held together etc and what needle size is yet to be determined!

I am looking forward to this afternoon, we are having drinks for a coworker who is leaving. I am organizing and have made mini chocolate muffins, chicken yum yum sandwhiches, vodka jelly shots, and we've got heaps of yummies like camembert, cheddar, kabana, twiggy sticks, crackers, red wine, and german beer. And M is coming! yay..

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Scarf Swap Ideas

I am participating in a scarf swap, this one here. My recipient sounds like she has some zany tastes and I'd like to do either a big scrap wrap, or a scrappy tube of some kind.. Here is some inspiration

Gritty Knits Scarf Wrap

Booglass scrap wrap I've linked to before

Interweave scrap wrap I've linked to before

by scrappy tube (ooh sounds alluring doesn't it) I mean a tube knitted on circulars, like a necklace, so it's a big scarf that you wrap around your neck twice or three times. And striped with different fibre..

I also must investigate craftster when I get a chance, I remember seeing some stuff done that was really cool where you take short pieces of different fibre and tie them together and wind into a ball and knit from that, magic ball knitting I think it was called?

Anyway I have some wonderful one ball skeins I've picked up that would combine together to make something pretty special and extraordinary I think.. Would like to start in 2 or three weeks once bloom is done and dusted. I have to send it by the end of sept, it's international so I should probably send it around mid sept..

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Welcome to the new server!

July 24, 2005

NOTE TO SELF: Never move MT to another server again...

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New bead order, no money..

July 21, 2005

In other news, payday came on friday and gave my new craft and books fund another $160.. It had a little in it but between the sheep show, my new morgan spurlock book, and a bead order I have just put in, I am now back on empty, with 3 or so weeks till another top up. Of course, I am so full of goodies and stash and books too (though I'm going throught them very quickly at the moment) that I definitely should not be needing anything more.. So, I'm awaiting another package! Beads! Jewels! Yay!

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Choc Chunk Cookies

I just made these cookies again. I may rewrite the recipe for posting at some point, that one I copied from a word doc from the person who emailed it to me and there have been a) some translation problems and b) the comical reference to a kitten is a bit confusing and c) I use it as a base recipe with lots of variations so would be good to include them. The recipe makes between 80 - 100 cookies depending on size, I've just cooked 24 and packed up the rest in several batches for the freezer.

Usually the chocolate I use is a 375g bag of nestle choc bits. Today I used some cooking chocolate discs in white, regular and dark chocolate I had in the cupboard so they are triple choc chunk cookies.

Sometimes I make the whole dough up, break into parcels, and put different stuff in each, like some choc ones, some coconut and apricot and white choc ones etc, yum.

I am coming to the end of my two days off that I was going to use for some serious planning and organizing but have done none of either so far. Have been mostly sitting around, knitting, and watching not very good tv! I watched super size me again yesterday though which is very good and went out to buy Fast Food Nation, but there was non in stock so I bought Morgan Spurlocks book instead. I wonder if he has a blog? I have rethunk my less blog reading strategy.. I think what I should do is cut down my craft blogs to a manageable number (which I have, more or less) and then include some other blogs.. Maybe a programming one or two, a trading one or two, and some others.

Anyhoo, I'm going to go take a photo.. Here you are.. My wendy dennis yarn rolled into a ball (looks much better huh?? I got some strange looks from the photo of the hank, admittedly from non knitters), the packages of dough, and the baked cookies.


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Less Blog, More Everything Else

July 18, 2005

I am spending too much time blogging and reading blogs. Blogging takes a lot of time. Reading blogs even more! And I need a bit of streamlining in my life at this time so I have just cut my bloglines list way down from pushing 70 to just under 20. May need to go further than that! And will try to waste less time blogging needlessly and get back to my original intention of having it be a place to keep friends and family up to date with what I"m doing, and the occasional note to self.. And maybe more of a place to store my recipes as that has been very helpful! So I expect posts may get less frequent.

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July 17, 2005

This morning M and I went to see Sin City. Not my usual type of film but it was pretty good.. I give it 7/10 (a common rating lately for me). M is not ready to rate it, so the blogging detective is not on the case for this film. We split a subway footlong chicken fillet sub, yum, did the grocery shopping and came home.

Then I cooked.. Boy did I cook. I made a batch of chilli con carne, a mostly veg lite thai green curry that was a spin off of the two green curry recipes already on this site. It was soooo good and soooo healthy that I may post the recipe (yes a third thai green curry recipe!). Also a pumpkin, sweet potato and potato mash and a carmelised onion with garlic mushroom mix.. The last two are for tomorrow night's tea, the chilli is for tea on tuesday and two lunches for M, and the curry was for about a million of lunches for me.. With some leftover veg I made a roast pumpkin, red cap and tomato soup which I've added all kinds of things too like basil pesto, lite sour cream, balsamic vinegar, lots of seasoning, but it still tastes lacking in body or something.. Palatable anyway.. But everything else came out super..

End result though is that I am exhausted and haven't done my laundry (well I've done one load.. ) or any Getting Stuff Done or chilling out. But I really wanted to take photos of what I bought and did yesterday, so I've just done that and will upload them now.. Adding text will have to wait till later today, or tomorrow.

(PS Battlestar didn't finish downloading til this morning, so we are watching tonight with celebratory cheese and pate! yum)


Part one of my two part stash from the bendigo back room. I spent less than $40 and got all of the above - the classic 8 ply in the four colours above, about 600g all up I'd say, plus 3 different colours of the 12ply rustic (pics to come).. I was very lucky because I got the two colours I had been wanting to do another french market bag in, and plenty of it, plus some cream with flecks to make some legwarmers.

Note to self: I might be able to use this red, khaki, and cream for some christmas ornament knitting!


There were so many fabulous toys in the woolcraft sheds.. Here are two I couldn't resist. The monkey I bought for M2, M1's little brother, but I think I am changing my mind and will keep him, and M2 can play with him when he visits.


I tried to get a better photo of this tag. The handwriting is beautiful, it is like a cross between a really old and a really young person's handwriting. It says

"My name is Monty
Can I come and
live in your house.
I need a Hug"

Who could resist?


These needle rolls are beautiful. They have been made by hand, the fabrics are lovely. The pockets inside are not exactly what I'd choose but it's a great roll to store some straights in, I still want to get around to making one for my circulars and notions. There are three in the picture! And a crochet case.. Two of them are for gifts.



Was great to run in to An, Ceels, and Sockmonster Lisa. Have not seem them in a few months, and they are lovely girls. Bought my first ball of sock yarn for my first ball of socks - not sure which pattern etc yet but will keep you posted. Also pictured here are some beautiful duck booties for my cousins baby she's cooking at the moment (about 3.5 months to go!) and a finger puppet for a guy I know who I think will get a kick out of it.


100g of the softest loveliest merino I've ever felt, in off white. I am going to dye this in some way shape or form. A bought a whole heap of this, enough for a jumper, and two beautiful landscape dyes. I can't wait to see the results! Will check the pamphlet when I'm home and write where it has come from!


The main yarn purchase of the day was (above and below) two large hanks of wendy dennis wool. It is so soft I'd swear it is a wool/silk blend but it doesn't identify itself anywhere so might just be 100% wool. It is 8ply, the top hank is just over 300g and for another clapotis probably for me, I have wound most of it into a ball now and boy is it enormous. The bottom hank is just under 300g and for a clapotis for a gift. The recipient I have in mind would probably not choose these colours herself but I think they will look fabulous on her. It is so soft and wonderful. I have heard the name wendy dennis mentioned on list but don't know anything about her, will have to do some research. Anyhoo, this is very exciting as I'd been considering ordering some more yarn from brooks farm for a clapotis gift in the future, and now I'll have two for less than the cost of ordering from there.



Not purchased on the day, but picked up from A who received the shipment earlier in the week. This is my spoils from the www.yarn.com order of some time ago, for Simply Marilyn and (who am I kidding) something along the lines of the honeymoon cami. But I have decided I wish to lose some weight so am going to put off starting any fitted projects for the time being.

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awesome day

July 16, 2005

Today was totally, totally, awesome. The sheep show, bendi mills back room (finally), and some winery touring. Good food, Good Company, Terrible Weather.. It was rocking. And boy did I buy... But, I think though I did buy more than intended they are all fairly reasonable purchases! More tomorrow..

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Bendi! Apron!

July 15, 2005

This weekend I am going to bendigo for the sheep show! It is going to be freezing and possibly muddy so I've dragged my doc martens out of the cupboard and worn them to work today (to wear them back in) and I feel way cool.

I have some yarn to pick up from Amanda also, the brown sheep lambs pride bulky i bought for simply marilyn and the cotton fleece i bought for.. i bought for.. well i bought it anyway. Plus I've got all my handpainted stuff that just arrives, and just over $100 in the craft fund, so I will not be spending too much let me assure you!

However I do have plans to pick up a ball or two of jo sharp aran tweed, possibly some yarn for a reaaly nice pair of legwarmers, and some yarn for my first pair of socks.

I am going to give myself a budget for the day of $70 including food and yarn so we'll see how I go. In the car on the way I'll hopefully be able to knit (note to self, take your travel sickness tablets in the morn) - will take along bloom and the corkscrew scarf which I knit a wee bit more on last night.

Of late I have been reading and chilling a lot more than knitting on weekday evenings rather than knitting - which is ok though it has slowed my progress a bit. However I have read about a million books in the last few weeks and have been meaning to post what I've been reading! must get to that.

The most exciting thing to happen this weekend will be the first episode of season two of battlestar galactica! hooray! It has been a long wait.. It is one of my favourite shows.

That will be Saturday night.. Then Sunday I'm going to see Sin City in the morning, then grocery shopping, cooking, washing, the usual! And squeeze in a bit of knitting hopefully.

However I have wednesday and thursday off next week to get some serious organizing done so will also be engaging in a bit of (my favourite)... list making!

In other news.. there's been quite a lot of apron talk going on over the web, and I've only seen a couple that have really made me want to go and get an apron, but how is this for fabulous?? Some people's talents really know no bounds!

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D is Branching Out

July 14, 2005

My SIL D is knitting branching out from knitty. She bought some kidsilk haze from jannette's rare yarns and has just sent me a progress update - it looks incredible!


It looks so cool it makes me want to make it. Maybe in about 10 winters!

Or maybe for my scarf swap which I haven't mentioned on here yet.. Will get around to that, once I find out who I'll be knitting for!

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Stuffed Eggs

Haven't made these yet but intend to.. recipe from M's mum, he loves them!

Stuffed Eggs...
Most of it is to taste, so you'll have to play with the quantities.

Cut the hard boiled eggs in half and scoop out the yolk. Mash the yolk
in a bowl with a fork until crumbly. Add lemon pepper, parsley, english
salad cream, curry powder and a dash of white wine. Stir together,
should be thickish consistency. Pipe into egg whites, add a sprinkle of
parsley and spanish paprika on top.

Add the curry in a bit at a time as some people do not like it to taste
so curryish.

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Needle Roll

Last week Amanda and I got together and designed and sewed an awesome needle roll. We used four assorted fabrics from her stash, and a thin layer of quilt wadding to give it a really substancial feeling. I think it's beautiful and it's made me want to make one for myself! I made my picture to big to fit here accidentally so click here to see.

The fabrics were all different types that had been kicking around for years - Mostly cottons and one that was like a brushed cotton. They didn't seem to go together but then at the end, when it was all sewn up there was a real sense of harmony. We both thought a red ribbon might be more in order though - So change may be in the air for that.

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Knitting Update + New Arrivals

To see my new arrivals from handpaintedyarn.com, my new corkscrew scarf project from loop d loop, and bloom progress, click! Here is a little preview to wet your appetite..


That's the corkscrew scarf from loop-d-loop, I'm making it in bulky from www.handpaintedyarn.com in a yellow.. think it was called cadmium. I have two 100g skeins which will hopefully be enough.

Here it is pulled out if it's loopiness so you can get an idea of the construction.


The other yarn that arrived from handpaintedyarn last week was five skeins of burgundy, in the same bulky, for a top from loop - d - loop who's name currently escapes me!


The colours are beautiful, the yarn is soft and delicious, but it needs a bath as it still stinks of vinegar from the hand dyeing.


Here (above) is my bloom progress so far. I've half of one piece done, and almost 2/3 of the other. I was hoping to finish one this weekend but that is looking a little unrealistic right now! We'll see..

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New Jewels!

On a whim last week, I searched for dinosaur designs on ebay. I am not big into jewellery (at all, I hardly own any really) but frequently intend to get myself some nice chunky and funky stuff and start wearing it everyday.

I found these things that I liked but did not win at auctions
this one
and this one

And ended up going shopping and buying myself all these lovely things!


In the why not make it yourself department.. I still really want something in chunky resin and found these (currently out of stock though) from an australian supplier and a huge amount of things at pretty good prices (will depend on postage though) from here.

So this may be my next stop when the craft fund gets a bit more cash ola in it.

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Must make a bag like this

Look, I know I'm seeing and finding a lot more that I must make than I *can* make, unless I become unemployed yet rich AND remain childless for my entire life, BUT I definitely must make something like this bird bag! How beautiful!

By the way, of the blogs in my bloglines (it's above 60 now, crazed) my favourites are Loobylu and Wee Wonderfuls. This will probably shock no one, but if you haven't seen them (and their archives), then I encourage you muchly!

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Photo Action

July 13, 2005

Here are some photos - I'm parking them in this post temporarily until I take some time (most likely tomorrow morn) to turn them into posts.. They are all from the last few weeks, activities, arrivals, purchases.. BTW it is TOTALLY freezing here.. brr!







View image


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Must Make - Coin Purse and new skirt

July 08, 2005

I totally must make my own coin purse, I absolutely must!

http://www.sarah1980.com/projects.htm (first project on list)

I went down to cleggs and spotlight today, as posted a week or so ago I am keen to have a really dedicated proper go at making a nice skirt for myself. I have had a couple of disasterous, rushed goes, and have given myself the impression that sewing clothes is just not for me.. But this skirt will be the one to change all that.

This is the pattern, I'm making the view on the bottom left which is a lot like the photo but longer. I am hoping I have something suitable in stash - I have some black suiting from memory that's a medium weight and will probably be perfect.

After I bought the pattern I was walking on little collins street and saw a skirt with ribbons spaced vertically like in this pattern, the ribbon colours were black, brown, and a goldy-brown.. I really liked it and think alternating between a brown and a goldy brown would probably be perfect (But have to confirm fabric choice first)

I purchased the cotton tape the pattern suggests. You seem to apply it when putting the waistband in, though I can't totally follow the instructions. I read a review of the pattern that suggests doing the hem with hemming tape. I will have to read up on this!

And, I will have to get my measurements done properly to choose what size to make, perhaps M can help me this weekend (Not that I am in a hurry.. going to take this one very slow!)

But, as advertised I have lots of other things on the go to keep me busy, and I do wish to take it very easy this weekend!

The last thing is.. at Cleggs I found a magnetic stud closure (the type found in purses, bags, etc) a nice 19mm one, will be perfect for my french market bag (which I will be lining and embroidering).. Yay!

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things to check out on weekend

cupcakes and pizza tips (originally linked to on not martha, placed here for my reference)




Work articles


When working towards a specific number of rows or stitches (e.g., "knit 17 stitches"), count backwards. Then you don't have to remember where to stop: the end is always zero.

When making blueberry muffins (or any muffin with fruit, chocolate chips, etc), place the blueberries in a bowl with a dash of flour, then shake the bowl to coat them evenly with the flour. This will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the muffins when you bake them.

the hackers diet

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Zuchini Quiche, Thai Green Curry

July 07, 2005

Yesterday I made the trident thai green curry. I used more chicken than usual - about 900g - to make a larger qty, and to make it a bit milder because I am going to serve it for dinner friday night where not all the guests eat super hot from memory. The veg I used was sweet potato which I steamed a bit first, diced carrot (which I should have steamed a bit first), a wee bit of zuchini and red capsicum added when it was almost done (as I had both out for the zuchini quiche I was making) and some green peas at the end.

I also made zuchini quiche again. I am starting to really like this recipe, so here it is. It's so versatile - it's from N, M's stepmum.

Recipe= 5 eggs (lightly beaten)
250grams Bacon diced (fat cut off)
1 Onion (diced)
2 med Zuchini's or 1 large (grated)
1 cup of cheese (grated)
1 cup of self raising flour (sifted)
1 tablespoon olive oil
pepper to taste
cooking spray

Preheat oven 180 degrees
Using a large mixing bowl beat eggs
Add rest of ingredients to bowl, mix well until all flour is absorbed
Coat baking dish generously with cooking spray
Pour all ingredients into baking dish
Bake for 1hr and 15mins on 180 degrees

Lee variations:

I use the basic recipe above and add things to it. Yesterday I put in some garlic salt, some dried thyme, some red capsicum and mushrooms, and as I only had half the bacon specified I put some finely diced chicken thigh in. Anything that goes with eggs will be successful in this recipe.

In my fan forced oven, 1 hour 5 minutes at 170 degrees is plenty. The top goes quite brown, to me it's fairly unattractive, though I am yet to get around to trying covering it with foil for most of the cooking time to see if that makes a difference.

I always serve this with lots of tomato relish.

Bear in mind..

This is a serious 7/10 recipe - easy to prepare and throw whatever you have laying around in to it - a great weeknight recipe. Just letting you know I'm not suggesting it's an absolute stunner or anything..

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Recipe System

July 04, 2005

I *really* need some kind of system for all my recipes. The ones I like or want to try from my millions of cookbooks and magazines, ones I've clipped or printed out, ones online, and ones from in my head.

What do you all do??

I actually have lots of things needing a bit more organizing, and with the whole new financial year and all I'm feeling very keen to get cracking. And, why not blog about it?? so i've started a new category - Organization 05.

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Another Long "Stuff" Post

Another update with no pics! I'm such a lazy one.

To do - crafting.

* This week *urgent* finish birthday ted for N. Need to get gift (teddy plus book) in post next Monday.

* Keep working on bloom. It's half done and needs a few long haul sessions to get me through the neverending stockingette I think. Perhaps I will get some dvds out and knit till my brain turns to mush?? I really want to wear it.

* Make a pattern to line french market bag. Figure out how much fabric I need and choose one - have been waiting for my japanese shashiko embroidery book to arrive [will be here any day now I reckon] to decide how I want to embroider the outside, and consequently, what type of lining I'm after. This bag is going to be truly awesome as long as I don't let the team down on the lining and embroidery.

* Finish my sewn baby gift I started a few weeks ago and blog them!

* Work on needle roll with Amanda. She and I are making an awesome circular needle and notions holder which is about 1/3 of the way there.

Arrivals and up next.

* Handpainted yarn delivery should be this week containing some delicious sunny yellow chunky yarn for the corkscrew scarf, and a burgundy chunky for the yoke vest, both from loop-d-loop. These two projects should take three weeks top, methinks - chunky yarn and needles. To finish bloom first or not?? How about I agree to finish off one of the pieces, then there's only half of the other left and I can alternate between that and the corkscrew scarf.

* The yarn for simply marilyn can't be too far away - there was a delay but it is about to ship. Fiona from SnB has recently finished hers so I'll be able to pick her brains. This will be my first cable project - do I need an appropriately sized cable needle or can I use a smaller one which I already have?

And I'd still like to find a new skirt pattern and make one properly! With the same attention to detail as knitting.

Life, etc..

* Finish proposal for new budget and administration plans for our personal finances. Update bank set up accordingly (need a new account, and some new systems in place). Get some charts up around the house etc.

* Finish cleaning out spare room

* Organize dental surgery for miss K.

Food Notes

* I made triple choc muffins from a betty crocker packet mix on the weekend, she's always so reliable! I made really mini muffins using the super small muffin tin that makes 24 to a tin. Normally I fill that tin generously so there is quite a lid but these ones I did not quite 2/3 full, and cooked them for 12 minutes at 170 degrees fan forced. I did a bit of reading that suggested doing muffins at a higher temperature for optimum results, but also that you should lower by 10 degrees if you are using a dark coloured pan which will absorb, more heat, or something.. Usually I do my muffins, the big ones at least, at a much lower temp to give them more rising time.. Anyway these came out fantastic, I will totally use that mix again, and were a wonderful and gorgeous size - bite size or if you were wanting to be delicate you could eat it in about four bites. And yum, yum, yum, and perfectly cooked.. The one box of mix made about 40 of the minis!

* I also made some sandwiches to take to a party with a variation of my yum yum chicken recipe - I couldn't get any coriander on the day so got some watercress and rubbed the chicken tenderloins with heaps of my favourite seasoning of all time - Masterfoods Herb and Garlic Seasoning (the no salt one). Plus lemon juice, oil, a bit of white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Was very yum, I must get some mini tart cases going at some stage and fill them with this chicken. And I added parmesan which I didn't last time.

There was some issue with the freezer and I had to defrost some beef that had become partially unfrozen, so we're having fajitas for tea tonight. Michael is making gnochi tomorrow night (am I missing a letter in that spelling?), we haven't had it at home before [not making it from scratch though]. I have some ppl from work coming for tea on friday night and I'm not sure what I'll be cooking then, though we'll certainly be polishing off the leftover icqy rasberry dacquiris I have in the freezer at the mo. I am toying with the idea of making a batch of Nikki's muffins to send them away with for Saturday breakfast! Or some little egg and bacon tarts, If I'm feeling very energetic.

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More Random Stuff

July 01, 2005

I have a busy weekend planned so it's unlikely I'll get to putting up any photos or blogging. I still have the lovely liquer chocolate photos to put up from three (or so) weekends ago, bloom progress, pics of my great new scarf and beanie set that i've been wearing most days, etc! Lee the lazy blogger.

Anyhoo, M and I saw war of the worlds on wednesday night. It was pretty good, for that type of film. Managed a reasonable go at being scary. I teetered on 6.5 - 7. I originally ended up at 6.5/10 but in hindsight I might call it 7. M gave it 7 which was a surprise, he loves tom and spielberg, it's right up his alley that type of film really, but he says coming from the highs of batman he was a little disappointed.. This is a prime candidate for the post movie romanticising I blogged about a few weeks ago, so I expect to hear him him describing it as a 7.5 or an 8 down the track.

This weekend - grocery shopping and a quiet one tonight, domestics etc daytime tomorrow and a housewarming party in the city in the evening, on Sunday there'll be some sewing in the morning and flemington knitting group in afternoon.

For me, that's very busy! A little too busy, but I'll recover by taking the following weekend easier, hopefully.

On the craft front I'll hopefully finish the birthday teddy I started last weekend (in west coast eagles colours, ghastly really) and get some more done on the bloom front piece.. I'm a few rows off being half done. It sure is taking an age! I am a bit bored of it to be truthful. I've just put in another safety line, to be on the safe side. ha ha. Should that strike me as funny? Perhaps not. Brainie no workie so good this arvo.

Next week I'm expecting some deliveries. My japanese craft books ordered over a month ago now, and a wee order from handpaintedyarn. Bring it on, I say.

In exciting news, M's sister D has ordered some kidsilk haze to do branching out from knitty (See what a lazy blogger I am, I can't even be bothered linking to it) and M-I-L S is going to get a head start on some chrissy ornaments, prototyping so to speak..

Enough for now, have great weekeneds all..

PS Happy financial new year.

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