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A long absence, lentils, pineapple

October 26, 2005

I have been.. neglectful! Away! (understatement of the century). While I have been away there has been lots going on. LOTS. I will even blog about it all, at some point. And so many new recipes tried, all which I intended to blog about. Very little craft actually done, but many new ideas floating about. My fabulous scarf swap scarf has arrived and needs to be photographed this weekend. Parties have been catered and hosted. Guests have stayed, for weeks, and commemorative artwork produced. It has been a very busy few weeks.. or so..

Anyhoo, lets pretend no time has passed and skip to my plans for tonight. If I blog about them in advance, I might remember to document how I go and photograph the results! For I am trying two new recipes tonight.. A lentil and onion dhal type shindig from my "wok it" recipe book and Simply Recipes' Pineapple Upside Down Cake for a pal at work's birthday tomorrow.

Here's hoping there both excellent. I'm going to make some mods to the lentil recipe, after the first few steps you simmer it in a lidded pan for ages.. This always puts the fear of burning in me, so I am going to try doing this step in the rice cooker after spraying it with some non stick spray. I reckon it's going to work a treat.

I have never ever ever had success cooking lentils before, but this time I've even gone out and bought ghee (clarified butter) instead of just substituting oil like every other indian recipe I've ever made.

So the odds are surely in my favour!

And the cake, well, it looks so good and my peep is a real pinapple lover so I am not worried at all. Plus, it's a surprise, so if it doesn't work out - well I just won't give it to him! Gee I'm all heart..

Posted by lee_taylor at October 26, 2005 11:11 AM