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Birthday Girl!

November 28, 2005

It's my birthday today!

It is such a good birthday so far, It's only 7:30 AM and I've already had breakfast in bed (ham, tomato, avocado & cheese crossaints with OJ.. YUM) and got a whole bunch of great gifts. Michael got me four new cookbooks! The new women's weekly xmas and the new donna hay xmas, a new bill granger that I hadn't seen before - Sydney Food - and the new Jamie Oliver Jamie's Italy! So pleased! That will keep me going for a long time. Michael also got me a great button necklace and a box of my favourite chocolates rafaellos! so great!

I must have done something really amazing for Michael's mum in another life because she totally went to town on the best present ever for me, a hand knitted scarf and beaded pin.

The scarf is amazing and perfect for me, It is in a chunky, variagated, soft yarn with all kinds of colours through it - a really autumnal pallette, in a boxy openwork kind of stitch.. I'll have to ask her what the stitch pattern is. It's really wide how I like my scarves, and a medium kind of length with really long decadent fringe. The colours will go terrifically with my often choice of an all black wardrobe, and in fact since it's not going to be tooo hot today I am going to wear it, along with a black top, skirt, and boots.

The beaded pin is basically a family heirloom! In the center is a beautiful brown stone passed down to S, and she has surrounded it with other beautiful beadwork. It is the sister pin to one S made for her daughter, my sister in law, D, and is exactly as beautiful as hers! It is delicious holding the scarf around my neck at the moment, slightly off center just how I like it.

I don't have photos yet cos I have leant out the digital camera for the weekend (for the precious new arrival of baby Julia V, congratulations Jen and Frank..) but I will very soon!

I guess because of my knitting and crafting I have an elevated appreciation of the hand made, but really, it's just so fabulous and perfect for me, who would have thunk that someone else could have picked and made and it come out so right! I am most impressed.

Also she didn't stop there and gave me some great other things like the bergamot essential oil I have been hankering for since my last massage about two months ago, a bath fizzer that I was tempted to use this morning since I"m going in late to work, a face mask and foot soak/lotion, and more of my favourite rafaellos!

I have bought myself a new silver bracelet and earrings which I will be wearing today, and baked myself a rasberry baked cheesecake which is in the fridge waiting to go along to work with me (I also have a pecan pie coming into work from the cheesecake shop). Fingers crossed the cheesecake is great - I picked a really well rating recipe from epicurious.com but I'm a little concerned the base may have become waterlogged - it was cooked in a springform pan in a water bath in a roasting tin, and I wrapped four layers of foil around the pan to stop the water penetrating, but there seems to have been some leakage. So fingers crossed!

We had a dinner party on the weekend and I finally made panna cotta which I have been wanting to do for ages. It was really festive, looked and tasted great - I made it in cocktail glasses with rasberries and sugar in the bottom, then the panna cotta, and on the top I piped a kind of lattice of dark chocolate mixed with cream.. Really visually effective and easy to make ahead and yum. We also had a kind of antipasto platter to start with little toasts spread with garlic, persian fetta, and marinated tomatoes, plus marinated asparagus with parmesan cheese wrapped in prosciutto, and some (off the shelf) marinated mushrooms. On of our guests M plated it all, she used to be a chef and made it look outstanding! The main was gnocchi baked in a spicy tomato and cream sauce in individual ramekins with salad. It all worked out really yum and best of all it was great company and a great night. Tonight is out to dinner for my birthday with just M and I and should be lovely!

Anyway I must go and get ready for work. It's been lovely taking an extended lazy morning - It is 7.45 and this is when I usually arrive at work!

Note to self: I have been looking for a while for a recipe for Romanini or Rome Biscuits after tasting the great ones at a local cafe.. Well there is a jam filled shortbread in the new bills that I think I could use and susbstitute dark choc mixed with cream and a little orange zest for the jam, and add a little orange zest to the basic mix.

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