Comment Dillemma

September 20, 2005

Ever since my blog got an upgraded server, I don't get email notifications when a comment is posted to my blog which usually means I don't notice them for weeks afterwards! I have just gone in and cleared out heaps of spam comments and found some lovely comments from some lovely people and I feel terrible that it's taken me so long to notice.. M, if you are reading this, perhaps you can take a little look see for me.. :)

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More Melbourne Clapotis

June 19, 2005

Fans of Clapotis, go and check out Lisa's blog to see her fabulous shawl in Lorna's Laces, in black purl. Black purl was the colourway I was considering If I was going to get this lovely stuff myself and I can see I would not have been wrong! It's lurvely.

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Mixed Yarn Shawl

June 15, 2005

I like this and this. I'd really like to fish out all my single and novelty skeins (some of them anyway) that I bought when I first started knitting (late last year and early this year) and wasn't into projects and patterns yet, and knit up something like this.

Especially if I could do it on bulky needles. I love the way the fringe is done on the first. Hopefully she's kind enough to post a pattern. This could be a nice quickie, if on big enough needles. Would look nice worn with all black.

By the way I had a comment from kerstin over at on the weekend which is very exciting cos I love to visit her beautiful tea cozies and get ideas for quilting and patchwork piecing. She also has a blog so visit her and say hello!

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