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August 08, 2005

Found a great looking food site:
for healthy mediterranean and asian food.

this site looks really interesting and I want to look at it more when I get a chance (maybe wednesday)

In the meantime, here's something I'll definitely try.

Indonesian peanut sauce

Update: This was truly awful! I had to throw it out. The shrimp paste was definitely the worst aspect of it, but even without it would still have been yuk. The marinade for the satay sticks (not at this link) was very good though, with another peanut sauce.

Later this week I intend to make mongolian beef, at this stage with this recipe for the sauce (taken from

mongolian beef sauce

1 TB Sherry
2 TB Hoisin sauce
2 TB Dark soy sauce
2 TB Chicken stock
1/2 ts Sugar
1 ts Cornstarch
1/2 ts Chili paste -- w/ garlic

Update: I tried this, but it tasted yuk so I didn't risk marinating the beef with it and instead made up my oyster sauce mix which I know to be yummy. However, all concentrated, it tasted gross too so perhaps I need to give this another shot.

Here's another site I want to check out more

and I want to check out this recipe site

and, note to self that I want to make a spicy hokkien noodle salad type thing at some point. Something that can be served cold.

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New Jewels!

July 14, 2005

On a whim last week, I searched for dinosaur designs on ebay. I am not big into jewellery (at all, I hardly own any really) but frequently intend to get myself some nice chunky and funky stuff and start wearing it everyday.

I found these things that I liked but did not win at auctions
this one
and this one

And ended up going shopping and buying myself all these lovely things!


In the why not make it yourself department.. I still really want something in chunky resin and found these (currently out of stock though) from an australian supplier and a huge amount of things at pretty good prices (will depend on postage though) from here.

So this may be my next stop when the craft fund gets a bit more cash ola in it.

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things to check out on weekend

July 08, 2005

cupcakes and pizza tips (originally linked to on not martha, placed here for my reference),1413,211~23528~2952110,00.html

Work articles
When working towards a specific number of rows or stitches (e.g., "knit 17 stitches"), count backwards. Then you don't have to remember where to stop: the end is always zero.

When making blueberry muffins (or any muffin with fruit, chocolate chips, etc), place the blueberries in a bowl with a dash of flour, then shake the bowl to coat them evenly with the flour. This will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the muffins when you bake them.

the hackers diet

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Big list of knitting patterns to check out

June 15, 2005

Just a note to self, to check this out when I get a chance.

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Mixed Yarn Shawl

I like this and this. I'd really like to fish out all my single and novelty skeins (some of them anyway) that I bought when I first started knitting (late last year and early this year) and wasn't into projects and patterns yet, and knit up something like this.

Especially if I could do it on bulky needles. I love the way the fringe is done on the first. Hopefully she's kind enough to post a pattern. This could be a nice quickie, if on big enough needles. Would look nice worn with all black.

By the way I had a comment from kerstin over at on the weekend which is very exciting cos I love to visit her beautiful tea cozies and get ideas for quilting and patchwork piecing. She also has a blog so visit her and say hello!

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Blogs Found - Review Later

May 16, 2005
Not a blog but a picture. Was made by a 13 year old!

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