D is Branching Out

July 14, 2005

My SIL D is knitting branching out from knitty. She bought some kidsilk haze from jannette's rare yarns and has just sent me a progress update - it looks incredible!


It looks so cool it makes me want to make it. Maybe in about 10 winters!

Or maybe for my scarf swap which I haven't mentioned on here yet.. Will get around to that, once I find out who I'll be knitting for!

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Sylvia's Blanket

June 08, 2005

Hot off the needles is my mummy in law's poncho. Affectionately termed "the blanket" she notes it isn't quite what she envisaged when she decided on the project, but it came in handy during a visit to chilly Melbourne two weekend's back. (she lives in Perth where the extra warmth is less necessary)


I think the pattern was off the lion brand website then tweaked to match the guage of her yarn, patons or panda rhumba I think.

Nice job Sylvia! Her legwarmers are still my fave though.

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Stella has her groove back (when was it ever gone?)

April 29, 2005

Some photos belonging to my friend Stella!

Bobble Bag Action (From 25 bags to knit I believe)

Mini jumpers! From weekend knitting. Like my own, more humble, in the archives!

Sari silk (dreaded, wilful, and hand cutting) scarf in progress (is now finished!)

Lovely scarf on Stella's sister

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Mother In Law Leggings

April 26, 2005

Sylvia made these great leggings from last minute knitted gifts.. I want them now!


I was always planning to make some but thinking I'd do black. Now I see how cute these are I'm thinking how great they'd look around some little shoes over some black tights so might make them in a lighter/brighter colour! Go Sylvia. She has a french market bag in her future, I hear..

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