Mr & Mrs Smith : 8.5/10

June 13, 2005

M and clapotis 2 and I just went and saw mr and mrs smith and it was excellent. I give it 8.5/10, which is a very high rating for me. M also gives it 8.5 which is an unusual symmetry. I've decided I will start blogging about the movies I see and the ratings I give them, and M's, which usually change dramatically from the one he sets right after we've left the cinema. He is a romanticiser, a 7 becomes an 8, a crap becomes a good.. Recent case in point was the interpreter which was really terrible, and that gained an extra 1.5 points or therabouts in his retelling! Shamelesss. Anyway, the blogging detective is now on the case.

Back to mr and mrs smith..

It was really great, as long as you don't mind a bit of rediculous fun, it's a blockbuster so I'm not saying it gave me the meaning of life or a deeply new and brave anything, but it was extremely funny (laughed out loud at cinema quite a lot which I don't usually do), and costumes and sets were really outsanding. More on that later, potentially.. Though I have not been buying into the crafty-bloggers apron phase, angelina's was fantastic and now I'm considering making one.

Brad and Angelina were both totally fab, and I'm not normally a huge Angelina fan giving that she's a) completely bonkers, seemingly and b) Michael's ideal lady. They are both really very sexy and lovely, and looked great in some oustanding outfits they were dressed in. I love Vince Vaughn, he's always so very funny. There was some nice girl power, lots of not taking selves too seriously, my only complaint is that it did go too long. Half an hour too long, easily.. Nonetheless, very happy and a must have for DVD, if only for all the freeze framing on great sets and costumes.

As usual my mind did wander a bit and I got to thinking about how I'm really enjoying this blogging thing and should start a category for movies/tv and books/mags to encourage myself to blog a bit about what goes on in non-crafty areas of my life.

And I also had some ideas about the toy I'm going to make, more on that later perhaps, and though more about how I don't have any links on my blog to other blogs, but how I'm not really keen to take my constantly expanding bloglines list and put it up because I don't wish to be explicitly exclusionary or inclusionary you know! But anyhow if I just have a section, then as I stumble apon things I can mention them. Or when I spend a few hours trawling through someone's archives and am fascinated, I can report.

By the way, clapotis (both of them really) is fabulously handy in the cinema. I wore it there and back as a scarf, and had it draped around me during the film! Brava! Although on the way back when we stopped for hotdogs I did worry about spills, but I pulled the length of it around to the back and all was well.

More later. I love long weekends. I have photos and stuff from yesterday too.

Update: Michael tells me Nicole Kidman was slated to be the original Mrs Smith. You know, I don't like to be nasty - she seems like a nice person - but I really don't think I like her at all, as an actress.

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