New Jewels!

July 14, 2005

On a whim last week, I searched for dinosaur designs on ebay. I am not big into jewellery (at all, I hardly own any really) but frequently intend to get myself some nice chunky and funky stuff and start wearing it everyday.

I found these things that I liked but did not win at auctions
this one
and this one

And ended up going shopping and buying myself all these lovely things!


In the why not make it yourself department.. I still really want something in chunky resin and found these (currently out of stock though) from an australian supplier and a huge amount of things at pretty good prices (will depend on postage though) from here.

So this may be my next stop when the craft fund gets a bit more cash ola in it.

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Must make a bag like this

Look, I know I'm seeing and finding a lot more that I must make than I *can* make, unless I become unemployed yet rich AND remain childless for my entire life, BUT I definitely must make something like this bird bag! How beautiful!

By the way, of the blogs in my bloglines (it's above 60 now, crazed) my favourites are Loobylu and Wee Wonderfuls. This will probably shock no one, but if you haven't seen them (and their archives), then I encourage you muchly!

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Must Make - Coin Purse and new skirt

July 08, 2005

I totally must make my own coin purse, I absolutely must! (first project on list)

I went down to cleggs and spotlight today, as posted a week or so ago I am keen to have a really dedicated proper go at making a nice skirt for myself. I have had a couple of disasterous, rushed goes, and have given myself the impression that sewing clothes is just not for me.. But this skirt will be the one to change all that.

This is the pattern, I'm making the view on the bottom left which is a lot like the photo but longer. I am hoping I have something suitable in stash - I have some black suiting from memory that's a medium weight and will probably be perfect.

After I bought the pattern I was walking on little collins street and saw a skirt with ribbons spaced vertically like in this pattern, the ribbon colours were black, brown, and a goldy-brown.. I really liked it and think alternating between a brown and a goldy brown would probably be perfect (But have to confirm fabric choice first)

I purchased the cotton tape the pattern suggests. You seem to apply it when putting the waistband in, though I can't totally follow the instructions. I read a review of the pattern that suggests doing the hem with hemming tape. I will have to read up on this!

And, I will have to get my measurements done properly to choose what size to make, perhaps M can help me this weekend (Not that I am in a hurry.. going to take this one very slow!)

But, as advertised I have lots of other things on the go to keep me busy, and I do wish to take it very easy this weekend!

The last thing is.. at Cleggs I found a magnetic stud closure (the type found in purses, bags, etc) a nice 19mm one, will be perfect for my french market bag (which I will be lining and embroidering).. Yay!

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Packages, Socks

June 10, 2005

When oh when will my packages arrive? Why must I be kept waiting!

Perhaps I should knit a pair of socks soon.. Learn to use dpns, and have some socks! Maybe some short ones, to be quick!!

On the not quick note, I really like these.. As socks and just as the lace pattern itself, to use for something else.. I must see if someone has this interweave that I can look at next time I'm at a knitting meet. Or perhaps it's still available somewhere.. I wish I lived near borders.. Maybe Mcgills.. I haven't been there in ages, maybe I'll detour today.

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Bleach Pen Project to make and some new recipes

May 29, 2005

I would like to get a bleach pen and have a go at doing some designs on clothing or fabric after seeing this and not taking any notice but then sitting up and really noticing once I saw this!

But I've never seen a bleach pen and so did a google within australia and so far I have found this USA food store. I've often thought it would be great to have an american friend who I could have stuff shipped to and have her pass it on with american supplies that you can't get here, like koolaid - perhaps this is another solution. I haven't looked at it much yet but I imagine it's a store in australia where you can get US stuff. Like, a bleach pen.

Cooking for engineers Lemon bars


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stop presses - pick up sticks hats

May 16, 2005

How great are these patterns?

This wuould be a much better idea to get some cascade 220 for than a big rug that will be awesome but take a long time to knit. Investigate - remember webs sale ends at the end of May.

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Felt Beads and Kitty to Knit

May 13, 2005

How to

Seen made and worn as necklace at Mama Unravelled 2 Blog

Easy Kitty to Knit

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How good is this skirt?

May 12, 2005

How great is this skirt, I'd love to make something similar. Not sure how to fathom the curves but I must learn.

Linking to the image straight from Angry Chicken's blog which could be poor form! Hopefully someone will let me know if it is.

See Picture Here

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New Sites - Fete Cooking & Bath Milk Making

May 11, 2005

Fete Recipes

Bath Product making inc milk bath

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Possible Next WIP

May 09, 2005

After french market bag, this is looking very possible to be the next thing. I had quite a few things in the list, but I REALLY like this (just bought this older jo sharp contempary knitting last thurs night) wrap jacket I really like this yarn, and there are quite a few good things listed here

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Trillians Awesome Uniform

May 08, 2005

saw hitchhikers yesterday, the highlights were the knitting bit and trillian's great uniform/costume.. Here is a link to a picture.. have been googling frantically but can't find much about it other than someone making comment here


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May 03, 2005

I have overwhelming desires to buy more yarn, and some confusion over what to do next.

Immediately on the agenda is finishing clapotis # 2 which is currently on the needles, and french market bag # 2 (new and vastly improved) which is extremely fresh on the needles and I will likely not do more on until clapotis is done. All in all, It's likely that I will knit like a demon and have both of those completed by the time my four days annual leave starts on Tuesday May 17, by which time my craft fund will have had a small cash injection of $100. Bringing the balance to about $100.

Now I definitely want a big, beautiful, lacy, mohair wrap/scarf/or stole. I did think it was birch I was after after seeing Anne's, but perhaps I could start with the more realistic suggestion of the airy scarf from last minute knitted gifts but doing it in a 2 x width 2 x length type arrangement. Lots of more experienced knitters do seem to have a little headache from Birch and that is probably not the kind of stress I need right now when I am already overloaded with other stresses and millions of things I want to make! The airy scarf pattern makes 2 from each ball of kidsilk haze so I could buy 2 balls from the wonderful ebay seller 4 to 4 for $19 US including free shipping.

Have just seen a great scarf in a gift store that had eyelet holes running up it and a hand dyed yarn was fed through.. so vertical stripes, but in blotches, and varying colours. Terrible description but I'll know what I mean later on.

I've just been out at this store rather than finishing my post so I'll just drop down some notes for what I was trying to work out to finish later!

Have heaps of black mohair blend to do something with, maybe U neck vest, maybe some type of wrap top.. Definitely want to make some hats.. Have a 200g ball of alpaca in charcoal and blue/purple that I need to use and half a ball of black left. Wish to make a third clapotis in some cream acrylic I already have..

Also interested in getting some cascade 220 on sale for felting etc from plus supplies for fairly easy fair aisle.

Was also thinking about getting some felted tweed! Crazed. Perhaps just one ball for a hat. Will finish this post later! I haven't even touched on what stash I already have and what other things I want to do..

Then there's kyoto which I have almost half finished but have lost interest in, I'd love to do some kind of winter jacket [maybe the one from vogue knitting winter knitted on 12.75mm needles], more scarves and thingos, a great lacy wrap that I have the link for at home, legwarmers, definitely legwarmers actually, Toys and ornaments, want to do lots of those!!..

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Ideas for new project

April 29, 2005

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Links to Knitted Toy Sites

April 28, 2005

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It's been a while.

April 20, 2005

So I'm not so good at this whole blogging thing! But today I am going to totally blog! I've just taken a bunch of photos and stuff and I am going to put them up.

Things to show off
- my new overlocker
- clapotis number two started
- new jean greenhowe knitted toy books
- new bendi shade card and leftover clapotis yarn
- finished french market bag, and pictures in progress
- Local lincraft closing down, stock totally gutted but was able to pick up a couple of bargains at 75% off today

and since I was taking photos, some cooking I'd just done! and some tops I'd just bought! All to be found in the extended entry so click-ez-vouz!

French Market Bag

french market bag from knitty. Modified the pattern significantly using 8mm instead of 4.5 or something like that specified in pattern. Shrunk the pattern down 4/5 in terms of stitches, but with much bigger needles it's come out much bigger of course. I used two strands of cosy wool held together, colours from stash (leftover from the cancelled kyoto!). It probably used eight ish balls all up.

All was going incredibly well and it had only taken less than a week when I got to the handles I wasn't paying attention, miscounted significantly (so I think I counted correctly then subtracted 20!) and everything went horribly wrong. So I ended up just casting off everything I could where I could (I won't explain the detail but it left me with millions of ends to weave in later).
I ended up just sewing a simple handle of my own design and making a knitting basket.

As my first felting experiment using yarn from stash, I'm happy enough. Considering Bendy rustic in one colour (probably red) and a considerably different shape for the next one, and I'll be doing it very soon me thinks. On the felting note, it was as simple as it sounds. Put in lingerie bag. Put in washing machine with a towel. Wash, and check every 10 minutes! I ended up having it in about 30 minutes. Next time, I'll err on the side of shrinking too much as it does stretch a bit when you are stuffing to the shape you want.

Stuffing it was probably the hardest bit - would be much easier if you had something the right shape to just let it dry on. I didn't, so I put clothing in lots of plastic bags and used them all to stuff it. It took two days ish to dry, longer than I expected..

anyway here's some photos.. starting, pre felting, and finished!




New overlocker!

I uhmed and ahhed after this for a long time and then finally bought it. $399 reduced from $599 in the janome sale. Haven't used it much yet though I have wanted to but been very busy. I am sure there will be lots to come v soon. Threading it was an extremely arduous task.

Clapotis # 2 started on Sunday

Not much to say yet. The yarn arrived from brooks farm last week (actually i think it was the week before). The colourway is beautiful, mostly browns and pinks (does not look at all like this picture) and it is very soft. I was not planning on getting started immediately, but with FMB off the needles so quickly and me yet to decide on yarn for the next, it's started! I am wearing clapotis # 1 practically every day at the moment and love it more every day.



This afternoon I cooked, and since I had the camera out.. I made Nikki's Zuchini slice (rechristened bacon quiche) .. I made 4/5 of the standard recipe as I only had 4 eggs, and it all fitted perfectly in my blue flan dish I bought during a xmas visit to Perth a few years ago, when I wanted to make a lime tart.

That was for our tea with a nice big greek salad, and I also made a big lasagne for tomorrow nights dinner. And, some anzac cookies. I looked on the web and found heaps of very similar recipes, will add a link to the one I used a bit later. I just made one batch as a test - will probably make a double or triple batch this weekend [anzac day!] to send in to my and michael's work. After we munched on a few and I gladwrapped some for Elizabeth our cleaner who is in today, M took the rest to work.



Jean Greenhowe Knitted Toy Books

I ordered these from the shearing shed in Canberra. I really wanted them! Will have more to say about them once I get onto a pattern or two.



Lincraft haul at 75% off

So they are closing down my local lincraft. They finally put some stuff on sale but that was after getting rid of all the yarn and fabric (must have found a buyer to take the whole lot) they had hardly anything left. But, today I did find the following for less than $15 all up! dpns in 5 and 6.5mm, a sewing book I had coveted but wasn't willing to pay $40 for, and some google eyes to use for my knitted toys in the future.


More Shopping

I also bought some generic wash and wear tops from suzanne gray and two new belts from army surplus. Yay!


New shade card from Bendi, leftover yarn from clapotis # 1

Was very exciting to receive this new shade card from bendigo wollen mills. I love bendi, that's where my alpaca was for clapotis # 1. This is how much yarn I had left over from two balls - quite a lot. I think I will make a matching hat. Just a plain one - not the clapotis hat over at that blog I can't think of right now..


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Flanelette for PJs

February 09, 2005

5 metres of the dots purchased @ 30 percent off

and 5 metres of the hearts at 50% off

Base price is $4 a metre so any way you look at it this was a bargain!

Made one pair of pj pants so far, more planned in these fabrics.

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